Academic Year Programs

Delphi, Sanctuary of Apollo
Delphi, Sanctuary of Apollo. Photograph by Vassiliki Panoussi, 2002.

Students should consult as early as possible with faculty at Williams about their many options for study abroad, and about the best ways to prepare at Williams for such study. Check the Classics bulletin board in Hollander for postings about programs in Greece and Italy. The Dean’s Study Away website contains important information about applying for study abroad as well as a timetable and a list of all approved study away programs.

Students may receive credit toward the Classics major for up to four courses taken in an approved program and should consult the chair of the department, who determines the credit to be awarded, before leaving Williams.

Programs in Athens and Rome

We strongly encourage Classics students in their junior year to take advantage of one of the excellent study abroad programs in Greece or Italy, particularly the College Year in Athens, where students can take courses on ancient and modern Greece for a semester or a full year, and/or the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies at Rome, where for a semester students take a double-credit course on the ancient city of Rome as well as electives in Latin, Greek, Art History, or Italian. Other valuable programs in Greece and Italy include the semester- or year-long program in Athens run by The College of Global Studies, Arcadia University and the semester-long programs at the Rome campus of Trinity College.

Study at Oxford and Other Universities Abroad

Classics students also benefit enormously from studying in the year-long Williams-Exeter Programme at Oxford University, which enables them to work one-on-one with tutors on ancient authors and topics at a university where the largest plurality of students “read” Classics. For information on studying Classics at Oxford, see the Classics at Oxford page. Classics students from Williams also have had wonderful experiences at other universities in Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Spain, and Sweden.

Winter Study Opportunities

The Classics Department occasionally offers Winter Study travel courses to Rome and Athens.