Research and Paper-Writing Guides

You should follow any guidelines provided or recommended by the professor for whose course you  are writing a paper and, in general, prepare a paper in accordance with the type of Classics course for which you are writing it: history and literature papers, for instance, usually take different forms.  You may find helpful the guides and advice for writing papers that some departments at Williams provide on their own websites or on Sawyer Library’s. The English Department, for instance, provides very useful materials on its Resources page, including Advice on Writing and Revising Critical Essays, by Professor Alison Case.

The following online resources should also prove helpful.

The Writing Workshop at Williams

Students are highly encouraged to avail themselves of this wonderful resource, described at their website thus:

The Writing Workshop is a student-staffed program designed to provide assistance with any stage of the writing process, from initial brainstorming to final drafts. Staffed by sophomores, juniors, and seniors, selected and trained to work with individuals in an informal, non-judgmental context. Writing Tutors can help you solidify an idea, develop a thesis, organize a paper, or tighten and unify an argument. They can also help with sentence structure, style, and grammar. You can bring any type of writing from any field–essay, lab reports, seminar papers–and anything in between. The workshop runs nightly drop-in centers Sunday- Thursday in Jesup, Sawyer, and Schow, where students can just drop by for a half-hour session. Tutors also work as writing assistants for classes, and offer individualized tutoring programs.

The Williams Honor Code