Kenneth M. Draper

Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics
Hollander Hall Rm 153


B.A. Northwestern University (2005)
M.A. Indiana University (2008)
Ph.D. Indiana University, Classics (2015)

Areas of Expertise

  • Roman literary and cultural history, esp. the Augustan period
  • Greek and Latin lyric
  • Genre and intertextuality
  • Classical reception, esp. in the Middle Ages and Renaissance
  • Roman topography

Scholarship/Creative Work


“Putting the Wolf to Flight: Horace’s Disavowal and Deployment of Invective in C. 1.13-16 and C. 1.22.” American Journal of Philology 138.4 (2017): 641-72.

Selected Conference Presentations

“Parmenides, Stesichorus, and Antilogy in Plato’s Phaedrus,” SCS 2018, Boston

Ipsae Intercedunt Heroides: Ausonius on Reading Vergil through Ovid in the Cupido Cruciatus,” The Vergilian Society Symposium Cumanum 2017, Cuma, Italy

“More Nobly Great Than the Famed Iliads: The Rhetoric of Encomia to Seventeenth-Century English Translators of Horace and Virgil,” SCS 2017, Toronto

Roma Capta, Anglia Capta: Conquest as a Metaphor for Reception in the Front Matter of Thomas Hawkins’s Odes of Horace, the best of lyrick poets,” CAMWS 2016, Williamsburg

“Stoic Paradox and Metapoetics in Horace Odes 2.2 and 3.3,” CAMWS 2015, Boulder

“Elegiac Performance and Elegiac Spectatorship in Odes 1.5,” CAMWS 2013, Iowa City

“If I Did It: Plotting, Authority, and Character in Attic Defense Speeches,” CAMWS 2012, Baton Rouge