Kerry A. Christensen

Photo of Kerry A. Christensen

Garfield Professor of Ancient Languages, Emerita


Areas of Expertise

  • Greek social and political history
  • Greek and Roman civic identity
  • Ancient historiography
  • Greek cult and ritual

Professor Christensen’s research incorporates into her study of ancient Greek history models and insights from anthropology and cultural and linguistic theory. She is particularly interested in how responses to crisis helped shape or alter civic, social and religious institutions. Her current research includes an article on the concept of ktema and ktemata in Athenian thought and another on the iconography of an eye-cup by Kodros.

Scholarship/Creative Work

Selected Scholarship

  • Review of Thucydides’ War Narrative. A Structural Study, by Carolyn Dewald. NECJ 30.3 (2007)
  • “The Theseion: a Slave Refuge at Athens.” American Journal of Ancient History 9 (1988/1984)
  • “Solon’s Mania: Forms of Public Discourse in Archaic Athens.” Bryn Mawr Classics Colloquia, 1987-88. Bryn Mawr College
  • “Kleisthenes, Ajax, and the Athenian Incorporation of Salamis.” 1994 APA/AIA Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA
  • “Ajax, Salamis, and Kleisthenes’ Political Reforms at Athens.” In progress.
  • Athens and the Conquest of Salamis: Crisis, Competition and Innovation in the Saronic Gulf. In progress.

Professional Affiliations

Society for Classical Studies

Association of Ancient Historians

American School of Classical Studies at Athens