Prizes and Scholarships

The Classics Department is privileged to award several prizes each year to students who have done distinguished work in Classics. These prizes are announced at the Commencement Ivy Exercises:

  • David Taggart Clark Prize in Latin (first-year or sophomore)
  • Benedict Prize in Greek, First and Second Prizes
  • Benedict Prize in Latin, First and Second Prizes
  • Rice Prize in Greek (junior or senior)
  • Rice Prize in Latin (junior or senior)

The Charles Bridgen Lansing Fellowship in Latin and Greek is awarded annually by the Classics Department to one or more students or alumni/ae to support graduate work in Classics or closely related fields, or to support undergraduate study during the summer either in the US or abroad. Students must make formal application for a Lansing Fellowship to the Classics Department chair no later than April 1. Applications should include a brief (1–2 page) description of the proposed course of study explaining how it will advance the student’s educational aims, along with an estimated budget. Students planning to apply should alert the chair of their intention early in the year when possible, and well before submitting the formal application.